Micah + Silas | San Antonio Family Photographer

san antonio family photographer

Micah is my son’s best friend, and Silas, well, let’s just say they usually lock him out of the room they’re playing in (face palm). Haha. Hopefully Silas and Andrew can play one day soon.

My best friends Ashley and Alex asked me to photograph their boys as Mother’s Day gifts for their moms, and I thought it was so sweet. What a beautiful age to capture them!

And there they went, into the wild. They grabbed sticks as swords and plummeted down the hill with no fear!

san antonio family photographer

And all the moms gasp in fear! Haha.

There’s a book called “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge that I recommend for mom’s of boys, men, and even just wives. It tells the truth of how men are created in God’s image and actually crave and thrive in wild, adventurous exploration. It encourages moms and wives to encourage their sons and husbands to explore, go out into the wild, and be rough and dirty. Of course, while still being safe, I try not to repeat phrases like “Stop being so rough!” or “Don’t do that (insert dangerous act).”

So I encourage you to let your husband take that hiking/camping trip with “the boys” and let your little boys explore the dirt and bugs. They were made in God’s image. Rather than fear, ask yourself how you can see God in a different perspective by watching them.

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