Examine Yourself

For those of us (nonessentials) at home, we may have a lot of time on our hands. Even if you’re working from home, you may find that you have more time without commuting and breaks. And if you’re working full time, first off, thank you, but also, what do you do on weekends? You probably have some extra time somewhere throughout your week because we can’t go out.

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What can we do with the extra time?

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The Voice of Fear

This is a little bit of a different blog post. I usually just post photography-related things, but I also love to share my heart, so let’s see how it goes. Let me know if you’d like to read more of this type of blog or if I should just stick to photography.

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This was a fun, silly representation of quarantine life, but it hasn’t all been fun and games. My mom alone time has gone from Target/Starbucks runs to taking a quick shower alone.

What voice are you listening to during this quarantine?

It has been one month since Spring Break: That’s when things really started to change, when the news of Coronavirus in the U.S. and San Antonio really started striking a worry in us all.

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More Photography Tips for Moms Using Their iPhone

San Antonio Photography: Composition

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Even as a photographer, I take more photos of my family with my iPhone because it’s much more accessible than my big, heavy Canon Mark IV. I’m sure you are also reaching for your iPhone to capture those every day, special moments, too.

That’s why I’ve been trying to provide moms with quick tips they can use to take better photos of their family on their phones. Here’s what I’ve written so far:

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Instagram Editing Tips for Your iPhone Photos

San Antonio Family Photography Tips

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This is a before and after of an iPhone photo edited with Instagram.

Instagram has really evolved over the years, and it has become a great marketing tool for businesses and photographers. I love it because it has a lot of the editing tools a professional application such as Lightroom or Photoshop has, and it’s easy to use.

There are lots of editing apps out there for your mobile device including Lightroom and Photoshop — and I’m sure there’s tons more — which is great if you’re a small business owner, photographer, influencer, etc. — but let’s be real, as a mom, you probably don’t have a lot of time or mental space to learn these apps.

So if you’re just a regular — but also cool — mom (haha) wanting to improve your photos just a little bit for Instagram and even for printing purposes, I want to share some basic tips with you.

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How to Take Better Indoor Photos | San Antonio Photography

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Use window light! Then play with your babies to get them to smirk 😏

Today I was greatly inspired by Garden Photography’s Facebook post on tips for mamas having babies during this quarantine. She gave some great insight about taking great fresh48 photos of their own babies, and my heart sank (both in joy that she’d share such simple but great knowledge and also in compassion for those mamas having babies right now. Many cannot have visitors and some can’t even have their husband by their side, and I just cannot imagine doing that alone. I just gave birth to my baby boy, Andrew Jeremiah, on January 20, 2020, before all of this chaos, and even though he’s my second, I still can’t imagine going through birth and recovery alone. Recovery is seriously no joke. God, I pray right now for every mom right now. Be her comfort and strength even more.) Shelby’s tips were spot on, so I thought I would expound upon these tips for those of you who want to take better indoor photos in your home; some lifestyle photos.

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'Stay Home, Work Safe' as a Mom, Photographer

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Week 1

It’s only Tuesday and the Stay Home, Work Safe order doesn’t even go into effect until midnight, yet I feel anxiety stirring up all over again. For some reason, the thought of basically being forced to stay home makes the isolation worse.

So I decided today I would overcome it by shooting photos around the house. It allows me to be creative, while documenting my boys at this stage of life, while documenting such a crazy time in this world. Plus, I thought it would be fun to not only share our photos from today, but also share some things we’re doing here at home in case you to try some with your kids as well.

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John + Shaelee | San Antonio Photography

John and Shaelee recently got engaged in Disney World, which is such a cool experience! I photographed both of their graduation shoots last year, so it was such an honor that they came back to me for engagements.

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What an awesome season of life to be in! I remember when Anthony and I were about to graduate as well, we got engaged and began planning our wedding. We both graduated in the same month as our wedding: May of 2014!

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San Antonio Blue Bonnet Photos

san antonio blue bonnets

It took a good amount of effort to get us all dressed to take some photos, but I’m so glad we did because these are precious moments that I have captured with my boys. I rarely get in front of the camera, and I want to do more of it.

It take a little bit of coaching my husband through. He’s such a good sport. I’m truly so thankful for him because he not only takes my photos when I ask him to, but also comes with me on shoots, which I truly appreciate.

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Ramoncito’s 2nd Birthday | San Antonio Photography

This past weekend was my nephew’s Taco TWOsday birthday fiesta, and it was so fun and all the decor was so cute!

We had the choice between a crunchy taco, chalupa, or taco salad. Tables were decorated with serape runners and coke bottles with fiesta flowers.

My dad busted out the train he built 5 years ago for my niece’s 2nd birthday (We used it for Ethan’s first and 2nd birthday, too!) The kids had a blast riding it and jumping on the trampoline and moon bounce.

It was fun to dress in fiesta attire and hang out with family.

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