San Antonio Photography Locations

A big part of your photo session is the location, although it’s not going to make or break your photos. Really, any place outside with trees and nature will make for a great backdrop for you and your family. The most important part is YOU!

As you look through these locations, understand that every photo session is different and unique. If you have another location in mind, let me know! I love to explore new places.

Photography Locations in San Antonio

Brackenridge Park, 3700 N St. Mary’s St.

Brackenridge Park is great because it’s in Central San Antonio. If you want a place with beautiful, tall trees and greenery, this is the place for you. In the winter, the leaves turn yellow and orange. There are a couple of options: Witte Museum is nearby and has some pretty structures or there’s a field where the sun sets beautifully behind.

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Canyon Lake, 601 Coe Rd, Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Canyon Lake Overlook Park is stunning for a cool water location. Although it is a little bit of a drive, it’s totally worth it!

This location also has some trees and greenery and a bridge that overlooks Canyon Lake that’s beautiful at sunset.

Cibalo Nature Center, 140 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX

Cibalo Nature Center is probably my favorite location ever! It never disappoints even on a non-sunny day. It is a huge nature park with lots of tall, wispy grass and a river with huge trees along it. It’s a stunning location at sunset!

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Denman Estate Park,  7735 Mockingbird Ln

Denman Estate Park is another great location with colorful trees in the fall. There’s also a variety of other backdrops such as a bridge, ranch-like fence, and a lake in the center.

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Downtown San Antonio

Our city is beautiful and there are so many great places to shoot downtown. This is definitely a location with variety, from trees to buildings to textured walls/doors, and bridges.

Hemisfair Park, 434 S Alamo St, (pictured right) offers the Tower of Americas in view and some great water features and bridges.

Market Square, 514 W Commerce St, is another great spot down town if you want a fiesta look.

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Espada Park, 1750 SE Military Dr

This park is my little hidden gem. We have a couple of options here. There’s a beautiful river with big rocks that you can explore with your kiddos, and there’s a beautiful field of tall, wispy grass that the sun sets behind, making for stunning images!

san antonio photographer

Gruene, Texas

Gruene is a great little town near San Antonio if you’re looking for a rustic location. It has a lot of cute barns and rustic buildings that make for great backdrops. There is also a beautiful river nearby that’s a short walk from the main street, but it’s totally worth it.

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Steven & Vanessa – engagement *pictured right

Sanchez Family

Rhythm – graduation

Phil Hardberger Park, 13203 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phil Hardberger Park is a gem in San Antonio. It definitely gives me Cibalo Nature Center vibes with a field tall, wispy grass, so if you love Cibalo but don’t want to drive to Boerne, this is a great option.

This spot also has an area with trees as well, a bridge, and a building that can be used as a backdrop as well.


Japanese Tea Gardens, 3875 N St Mary’s St

The Japanese Tea Gardens is a beautiful location with lots of beautiful colors and plants. This location is smaller and not wheel chair accessible, but there is a lot of variety, including a bridge, many colors from the flowers and plants, a waterfall, and trails. This is great for small families, graduates or children milestone sessions.

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Jose & Vanessa – maternity * pictured above

John & Kristy – proposal

David & Courtney

Landa Library, 233 Bushnell Ave * During COVID, Landa Library was closed to photographers. Please check with me to see if they’ve reopened.

Landa Library is a little, quaint place with a beautiful arched building with a few hidden nooks. This location is great for graduation photos and great for mini sessions because it’s small and you don’t have to walk a lot. It is wheel chair accessible. There is also a play ground, which is great to let the kids play after the session for some great candid photos.

Emily – graduation * pictured below

More graduation

Pearl Brewery, 303 Pearl Pkwy #300

The Pearl Brewery is also in central San Antonio and has more of an urban feel. It’s has a lot of variety, and there’s often a lot of people walking around, if you don’t mind. Nearby, you can go down to the San Antonio River, where there’s beautiful spots with waterfalls.

This is a great spot during the holidays because the Christmas lights are on and they have a huge tree in the middle.

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Kevin – graduation

Joshua Soto – graduation *pictured

Joey – graduation

San Antonio Botanical Garden, 555 Funston Pl

If you want to have a fun day out with the kids AND get your photos taken at the same time, San Antonio Botanical Garden is a great place to go. It offers indoor locations that still have lots of greenery and flowers. It’s blooming all year round. They’ve made a lot of updates to the place and we had lots of fun exploring! There is a fee to get in.

university of the incarnate word

The University of the Incarnate Word, 4301 Broadway St

UIW is a great location during the holidays because of the Christmas lighting and beautiful red bridge. There is also great trees around the area. Prior to COVID, it was accessible to the public, but I’m not sure now if they’re only letting students and graduates.

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Christy & the boys – Christmas family

Destiny – graduation * pictured

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