The Legacy Collection

Custom Gallery Wall Design + Installation

Display your professional images without the hassle. Create a lasting legacy you can pass down to your children.
Melody will not only capture beautiful moments, but will also design a custom gallery wall for your home, installation included.

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Step 1: Start with a one-on-one consultation with Melody through video call or in-person so she can see your space, learn about your decor style, discuss what images from your gallery you love, and determine your custom gallery wall needs.

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Step 2: Melody will create a custom gallery wall design for you based on your needs, submit a mockup for approval within one week, and once approved, take care of everything else, from image resizing to ordering your beautifully framed canvas prints from Smallwoods to delivery and installation.

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Step 3: Anthony, Melody’s husband, has been wood working since 2014 when he began making all of Melody’s Pinterest dreams come true. Now he works as a carpenter and cabinet installer. He has all the tools and expertise to install your beautiful gallery wall the right way with the least amount of damage to your walls and durability to last for years to come.

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As a photographer, I love creating lasting memories for my clients, but I have found that many people rarely do any thing with their images after investing in a professional photographer. And I get it!

As a mom, there are far too many other things racing around in our brain. (I’ve had a Chatbook created for two years now and still haven’t finalized it to print.) Although we want to have our beautiful images around our home and in albums, it just takes too much time and hassle.

That’s why I created The Legacy Collection.


  • Design + Installation $200
  • Product cost varies from $100 to $500+

What you get:

  • Consultation: We will discuss your custom gallery wall needs in a 30-45 minute consultation call, in-person or via video call, so I can see your space, take measurements, get an idea of your decor style in case you want to incorporate other decor besides photos, and determine what photos you want printed.
  • Custom Design: I will then create a mockup design for your custom gallery wall. This will include photos from your photography session with me, but can also include complimenting decor if you’d like. I will submit a proof within one week of our call. As soon as it’s approved, I will invoice you for the product and shipping cost, take care of all the ordering (and image resizing if needed) and once I have a estimated shipping date, I will schedule your installation date.
  • Installation: My husband, Anthony, an expert handyman and wood worker, and I will come to your home on a scheduled day and take care of the installation. I am pretty particular so even though we’ll have a measured plan, I will still come to make sure the installation is perfect, balanced and secure.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

My Why

I remember going to Walgreens with my mom, placing our disposable cameras in the envelope, and anxiously waiting for them to be developed. Then one summer, we created albums and albums with all of the printed photos. I continued my love of scrapbooking.

But now everything is digital.

All our memories stay trapped behind a 5″ screen or in the cloud somewhere.

Even I have a hard time remembering to print photos, but I love it.

I love displaying all of my photos.

So I want to share this passion with others because I know you don’t have the time and sometimes the knowledge for imagine sizing or how to create an eye-catching gallery wall. And then you have to bug your husband to hang them… and we know that may take a week or two! Been there!

Our dining table is a live edge slab of wood that Anthony sanded down (for what seemed like months) and coated with sealer. Then he welded the legs and secured it all.

Our background

As you know, I’ve been a family photographer for over 6 years. But I have also been doing graphic design work for 10 years now, so creating a gallery wall that brings a room balance, texture and color is right up my alley. I’ve been doing it in my own home, and it sparks true excitement to be able to do this for your home.

My husband has been wood working for 7 years now. He works with a luxury cabinetry company in Selma, Texas. He has all the tools — like this laser level that lights up across the walls and makes sure everything is perfectly straight. He is our best handy man and makes all of my Pinterest dreams come true! He is excited to join me in this endeavor.

Still have questions, send me an email at

If you’re ready to start creating your custom gallery wall, book a consultation now.

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