Thank you so much for booking your session with me! I am very excited to meet you and your family and capture beautiful moments of you. I hope to make this experience enjoyable and easy. Below you’ll read through a few things that will help you get ready for your upcoming session, from choosing a location to choosing outfits and preparing you and your family for what’s to come.

Sincerely, Melody


A big part of your photo session is the location, although it’s not going to make or break your photos. Really, any place outside with trees and nature will make for a great backdrop for you and your family. The most important part is YOU!

Check out my San Antonio Photography Locations page or request a new location. I love to explore new places!

What do we wear?

My best advice is to choose complementing colors for your outfits. This means DO NOT match perfectly. Choose three to four complementing colors to make your color palette, then find outfits for each member that has one or two of the colors.

Here are some tips:

  • Find a color palette of three to four colors that you like.
    • Spring/summer colors: light blue/ blue denim, olive green, yellow, floral patterns, blush pink.
    • Fall colors: burgandy/maroon, navy blue, forest green, mustard yellow.
      • One great way to find a color palette is to find a floral dress for mom or sister, and then use the colors in that dress as the palette to find complementing outfits for the rest of the gang.
  • Do not wear the same thing. Let’s be real — we are not our grandparents or parents who liked to get everyone in the exact same outfit and head to the photo studio haha. Even try to venture out from everyone wearing all jeans or all khakis. Mix it up!
  • Need some ideas? I created a Pinterest board full of color pallets and outfit inspo.
  • Read more tips here

Your Session Day

san antonio family photographer

It’s your session day! Get excited! I would suggest that you relax the day of your session. If you have kids, start telling them about your session during the days to come. Practice your smile. Get your outfits ready.

During all sessions, I will usually set you up in a general position and allow you all to interact and engage.

If I don’t say anything, it’s because you look great and I simply want to capture you and your family in the moment! This makes for the best candid photos.

Throughout the session, I will also prompt you with small tasks to get you and your kids smiling and interacting. This is because I love to capture moments!

The beginning is always a little nerve wracking. Don’t worry! Let’s get to know each other and let me do the directing if you’re unsure.

Most importantly, be yourselves! I’m here to capture your unique family, your quirks, your jokes, your laughs, your moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I get my photos?
    • Photos for all portrait sessions with MC Photography will be available to within 2-3 weeks of your shoot in an online gallery.
  • How do I order prints?
    • Pixieset is the online gallery application I use, and it works great and offers professional printing straight from your gallery. Simply click the image or images you’d like to print and “order.” Then it will allow you to choose your size. If you need very large sizes, I may have to resize your image. Email me with the image you’d like. More about printing with other print studios like Walgreens below.
  • Can I share my images on social media?
    • Of course! I love seeing you share your images. BUT please do not add on social media filters and do not use them for marketing purposes (this is all stated in your contract). I take lots of time to edit all of your photos professionally. Also, DO NOT screenshot the image from the gallery. Download a web-res (web resolution) image to your phone and then share for the best quality.

After Your Session

After your session, sit tight and be patient! I know you want to see your photos, and sometimes I am able to send sneak peaks. But during busy season, I cannot guarantee it because taking time to choose even 3-5 images takes away from someone else’s editing time who’s been waiting. I promise it will be worth the wait!

My editing process: I go through all of your images and select the best one or two from each pose. Then I full edit each image, adding contrast, light, smoothness, and I bring out the colors!

Once your photos are fully edited, I add the photos to an online gallery where you’ll be able to choose your selected images or purchase the full gallery for a fee.

To learn how to download your images, you can see a simple tutorial here.

A note to moms

Mom, you’re doing such a great job! You’ve put this together, and your family is going to look great in your photos.

The last thing I want you to do is worry about your session.

Do not worry about whether your kiddos are going to cooperate or not! I have a 6 year old and 2 year old, so I know exactly how it can be. I will not be scared off at a tantrum or shy little one.

My son went through a shy season, but I could still get photos of him smiling, so trust the process! We will get something good 🙂

The best thing you can do for a stress-free session is have your outfits ready, washed, ironed, and set out the days before, so on the day of, you can take your time doing your hair and makeup. Then you can quickly have dad or yourself (or even a grandparent) get the kids dressed before you leave.

My next tip is pack your vehicle beforehand — stroller (esp for places like Cibalo Nature Center; unless your kiddos are fine walking); snacks aka bribery candy or cookies haha; one bag for any outfit changes or shoe swaps, small props, and baby’s favorite noisy toy to get their attention.

san antonio family photographer
san antonio family photographer

Next, make plans to do something after your session, so you can constantly remind them during the session of your next destination. And yes this is also a bribery tactic haha.

Lastly, let’s just have fun!

Get ready to scoop up your little ones, sing your favorite songs, talk about funny inside jokes (or even just farts if you have boys haha), and laugh a lot. Get ready to look into your hubby’s eyes and remember the why. Get ready for butterfly kisses, tickle fights, and dance parties.

How you can help

  1. Please fill out your questionnaire! This helps me get to know you and your kiddos so I can gain their trust quickly during the session.
  2. Let’s chat! Although this questionnaire helps a ton, I love getting on the phone with you to hear about you and your family. This helps you get to know me too!

Ultimately, you know your kids the best, so during the session when I say “Look at each other and talk for a minute,” talk about things that will make your kiddos laugh.

Then when we are doing a posed, smiling photo, make sure to look at the camera and allow me to make noises and call out their names to get their attention.

For couples

I love couple sessions! For you love birds, get ready to hold each other, do romantic things like whisper in each others’ ears and kiss each others necks.

Throughout your session, I will pose you and along the way, prompt you with small tasks that will hopefully get you laughing and engaging with each other.

san antonio photographer

I will also do the basic posed, smiling at the camera photos, but my favorite are the moments. If you love that too, then we’re a match!


Some photographers hate Pinterest, but I love it to give you ideas for your session. Allow Pinterest to inspire you; even send me your Pinterest board (beforehand) so I can see your ideas, but let’s not be bound to those poses or even outfits.

Your family is unique! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you and your family talking and laughing, so please trust me as I direct your session.

Also never be afraid to suggest something or remind me of your Pinterest idea! Please! I want you to have the photos you’re hoping for, so if I forget something, please tell me during your session. I’ll also usually end with — “Are there any other poses or ideas that you have that you’d like to get?”

The Legacy Collection

Why go through all of the work of booking a session, corralling your family, getting everyone dressed, bearing the heat or cold, and then don’t print them!

I love displaying photos of my family around my home, and I’d love to help you do the same.

That’s why I created The Legacy Collection.

This is where I design a fully custom gallery wall for your home AND take care of EVERYTHING: from ordering the product, shipping, AND installation!

I am so excited to meet you! Thank you again for contacting me for your session!

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