San Antonio Lifestyle Photography

San Antonio Lifestyle Photography

As a new mom, capturing candid moments of my son, Ethan Jacob, growing up has been so fulfilling — from his first moments in the hospital to walking and now playing, painting, and coloring. Lifestyle photography is unposed, unfiltered moments of your family, most often inside your home. These are beautiful keepsakes to document the season of life you’re in. When you choose this type of session, I will help you choose an activity that suits your family, and we will simply spend time together.

Here’s one example. One day, I took my son outside to paint pumpkins. Such a simple activity, but I captured his eyelashes, little, 3-year-old fingers, concentration, art abilities, and how he often works side-by-side his hard-working dad. I love these memories!

New: San Antonio Lifestyle Film

A special add on for in-home lifestyle sessions: Enjoy a 1-minute lifestyle film with your San Antonio Family Photography session. As I explore this new product offering, I hope to get your permission to capture your family in a new way, through film.

What is lifestyle photography?

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I define lifestyle photography as real-life, everyday, in-the-moment snapshots.

Lisa Tichané in Clickin’ Moms says, “Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between documentary photography on the one hand, and classic portraiture on the other hand. A documentary photographer will have a ‘fly on the wall’ approach, catching life as it is without trying to interfere with what is going on. He or she will tell the story of real life, as it happens, while trying to be as transparent as possible for his/her subjects.”

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